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Life Isn't About Waiting For the Storm to Pass! It's About Learning to Dance in the Rain!





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With the diligence of “Dancing in the Rain” or keeping "This Little Light" shining we can save this once Great Nation!

It is helpful to NOT be too attached to pre-existing beliefs or allegiances as you read this website.

What you believe does not matter to THEM. THEY just want you to believe in something, be apart of the Consensus Reality, or be in a state of Wilful Blindness. Just so that you stay trapped in your little world and are not interfering with THEIR affairs. That is all THEY want from you.

This website is a Esoteric BIG Picture Story (History) which includes every topic you can think of! Don't stop here just because you don't believe in UFOs! Don't fall for the first thing you agree with. Go on, with further knowledge you may decide it is wrong. And there is so much more to know. This website is 300 pages, and 400 videos, which I am sure is only the tip of the iceberg of known Philosophical, Science and Historical knowledge! Have fun exploring these subjects which I deem important in Saving this Nation!

We have become a mind-based culture. In order to perceive the future with our minds, we must base the future on experiences from the past.

Instead, if we can engage ou/r imaginations and view the future as mufti-dimensional with many options, and the past as having been our creation, we can once again take the reins of our lives. Life can be transmuted, becoming ours to create, rather than endure.

From the book; "So, We're Still Here! Now What? -- Spiritual Evolution and Personal Empowerment in a New Era" by Gwilda Wiyaka

8 Nov 2013 - I've been studying Anunnaki history and Anunnaki Tech lately. They arrived here about 400,000 years ago (that's about 15 Great Years). We could be them. They are more than likely our ancestors. Every page of this website needs to be amended with the fact that the Anunnaki were the for-runners of it; Banking, the Bibles, Politics, Medicine, our Governments, Mass Consciousness, Energy, Slavery, Racism etc.

Why is the History of the Anunnaki Important now? The pyramid is on the dollar bill, it's there for a reason; because THEY are in charge? The elite of them are the Illuminati now. This is where the MJ-12 UFO part of US government stems from. This is why JFK was assassinated; he wanted to reveal MJ-12.

The following video playlist is just some of the ramifications of our alien heritage. And it introduces Contributionism . Playlist number 2 is the best; well I think so.

Michael Tellinger - Anunnaki Ramifications

For more information, read the book Slave Species of the Gods: The Secret History of the Anunnaki and Their Mission on Earth. And if you doubt that these ancient texts exist; this website will keep you busy for the next couple years. :-)

Oh, people also talk about other aliens on earth; mainly the Pleiadians, Zetas and others. But the Anunnakis have left a physical history all over the earth for thousands of years, therefore I show a lot of information about them.

We have been Duped

Yes, THEY have us Duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled .... whatever you want to call it. We are THEIR slaves. And, THEY do it in your NAME.

You don't believe it. Why would you; You listen to the Main Stream Media. Not the News. You are only getting what THEY want you to hear and see. There is so much more to know!

Fox NEWS, CNN, NBC, etc. they are all the same propaganda. They change a few words around to fool you, but it is the same propaganda. So read ON! The of the most obvious lunacy You are trapped in is; THEY have us divided with their constant Left/Right propaganda. And then we discuss it too. We have been Duped by it.

I am spouting general truth

Dealing with the details of what's wrong in America is very complicated. The Problems Persist because there is not a General Up-Roar about anything from the population! Up-Roar? Most folks that read newspapers and watch TV don't even have a clue that something is wrong.


Oh, and you have probably noticed the simple design; a horizontal menu with a left menu for each horizontal button. The purpose of the website is to serve up information. If the item in the left menu has a "+" in front of it; it means there is a submenu beneath it.

If this is no "read more at" link after an article, or some indication of who did it; then I wrote it.


Everything written in this website is written to destroy the ideas of the present culture and law (Consensus Reality). It all has been put in place to enslave you. The lesson of this website is simple: nothing on earth is more valuable than you and your importance to It and the Universe.

Ok, We have been Duped. What Can We Do?

Just quit cooperating with Them; No violence needed. But Silence is Consent!

David Icke - It`s a Revolution of Perception

We are not going to change this politically. We have to change this by ceasing to acquiesce and cooperate with the system that enslaves us. If we won't comply; No No No, the system can't function without us.

We Are The Power in everyone

We Are the Dance of the Moon and the Sun

We Are the Hope that will never hide

We Are the Turning of the Tide

My Political View

If you really think about it; the real Political Spectrum Political Spectrum is from 0% rule, Anarchy, to 100% rule, like that of a Dictatorship. So where is our government in this Political Spectrum? Per our constitution America is in the middle, but both of our two parties are to the left of that. THEY created a tale of Right versus Left (i.e. Fascism versus Communism ) which has Duped us. There is no practical difference between Dems and GOP, both are for big government. Comparing Big government Fascism to Big government Communism; well in one case the government persuades the company to toe their line, while in the other case government uses force. Either way it is big government CONTROL. Thus anyone caught comparing Dems/GOP as left or right is part of the problem.

Note: big government is not a free enterprise system. And THEY tell us this is all failed Capitalism, distorting even another word. Fact is We have not seen free enterprise in America; It has been Big Government for the last 70 years or so.

The problem that plagues America (left biased government and media) will not be solved by one election cycle. But it can be solved by moving to the center; back to our U.S. Constitution. It will take decades for Americans to see where we are now and then to educate others with a new norm that becomes innate in all.

That’s right! We need a total re-indoctrination that does not include taking over the world and Socialism/Communism. It will take decades, but We can do it!! Listen; DL.

Fight to the Death for your Freedom!

This video is a sworn representative claiming the U.S. Constitution is not the way back to freedom and a couple of sharp citizens putting him in his place. She very carefully uses the word "Slave" and then defines it. We can win this battle. This is the same battle that Sen. Rand Paul was expressing during the filibuster of the century. #StandwithRand.

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