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The Problems - Vested

Article. I.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

  • Vested - What it means: The legislative branch holds the lawmaking authority. Because it is vested, it cannot be delegated. But it has been delegated and delegated, over and over again.
  • We the People have vested our powers to govern to Congress. Vested powers cannot be passed on. Therefore, most Laws and Regulations are unconstitutional. It's estimated the 90 percent of the Federal Law is unconstitutional. Departments that are Unconstitutional: FDA, EPA, Dept. of Education, Social Security, etc. The Federal Reserve is but is in place because of the 16th Amendment, which had a very dubious conception.

Vesting, the heart of a Republic

The nexus of America's problems is that the Public Forum, which is the foundation of our Constitution, has been removed from the Constitutional Duties of Congress. It is the structure of the Public Forum working within the public and open procedure of the Constitutional Duties of Congress, by which power flows from all the American people and directs our government; and by its mechanism, the people rule. Thus, our Founding Fathers designed ours to be a government of the people and by the people.

Inversely, its revocation reverses that flow of power, and now the government is the power and rules by decree as a government superior to, and over the people.

It is the difference between, and the definition of, both liberty and tyranny. And tyranny, by its nature a failed economic model, consumes a disproportionate amount of our Nations wealth in order to operate and survive.

It is these following Constitutional Duties of Congress, as described in Article I, Sec 8, of our U.S. Constitution (i.e. to borrow Money, regulate Commerce, To coin Money, regulate the Value,… and foreign Coin,… Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin … constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court,… declare War,... and to make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department of Officer thereof), which have been assigned unconstitutionally by the Congress to private corporations like the Federal Reserve Bank, the executive branch (President), its agencies like the EPA, HUD, Commerce, and even others outside of our United States, including the World Trade Organization (Commerce), and the United Nations (War), that determine policy behind closed doors and well outside of the clean air of the Public Forum and the control and rule of all Americans.

All of these former Constitutional Duties/Powers of Congress are then susceptible to manipulation by the “unprincipled men” President George Washington warned us of in his Farewell Address to the Nation, in 1796, (see heading: Washington’s Farewell Address). Washington warned America that “unprincipled men” would always usurp these powers of government to their own profit at the expense of the Nation, and the destruction of our Constitution.

This is the problem that now afflicts America. And it is the return of the Public Forum, in the performance of the Constitutional Power/Duties of Congress, that is the only way to correct the political and economic calamity that mires and oppresses all Americans, and our Nation, today.

It is thus an identifiable mechanical and structural flaw in the operation of our government. This is the cause of the change to our Constitution that we complain about; a fatal, systemic flaw which now threatens us all. But because it is identifiable and structured, it can be remedied. And the remedy, while far reaching, preserves what we hold dear; liberty and its natural prosperity for all, fed by the rapid growth of its economic force of freedom.

This is revolution. But it is revolution that has been forced upon all America, for the historic definition of revolution is the bankruptcy of government. And in order to survive, America requires that the restoration of our Constitution’s foundation, that mechanical and structural procedure of the Public Forum, must be returned to the execution of all Constitutional Powers/Duties of Congress, as envisioned by the intention of our Founding Fathers. Our Constitution must be fully restored.

Read all of Article I. Section 8 here.



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