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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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-- Scenarios


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Since the victors (each had a motive) write the history, it makes sense that we have many alternative histories. Yes, the losers do have stories, too. One has to study well beyond what our history text books tell us.

The pages in the left menu are a few of the Scenarios that I have found. Each has a motive as to why the rulers wanted to have history unfold a certain way.

The Most Obvious Scenario Is

THEY want you to believe that we evolved in the last 5,000 years or so to be the greatest most sophisticated beings ever. But in fact the earth is in a cycles mode. About every 26,000 years (a Great Year) our cognitive abilities varies from high to low to high. Currently we are coming out of a low (what they called the dark ages). The current cycle is Low to High and was started a few thousand years ago.

No motive here. This is just the way the Universe unravels.

Another Scenario

Menu items - United States & US Corp - seem to be in conflict with each other. In my view, they are both so; playing out simultaneously. They both happened and are still. "Constitution of the United States" is what Consensus Reality recognizes, while "Constitution for the United States" is what is actually ruling us. This would explain why our elected representatives are so evasive/non-doers.

The Motive here? I guess it would depend who you think is running the show!

In my mind there are a lot of scenarios that could be true. Try them on in the left menu or Search victors write the history. Mine are have a very wide scope of time.



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