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Pole Shifts

A Resent Event; A Polar Shift

There is no doubt that the Planet Earth's Polar Axis has shifted during its geological history. Evidence of such shifting can be found all over the world. Any academic difference of opinion resides in the question of exactly when these Polar Axis Shifts occurred. On the one hand, there are traditional scientists and geologists who date these shifts millions of years into the past, stating that there is absolutely no evidence that such shifts occurred within recent geologic times.

But on the other hand, there is the Velikovskian School which dictates that at least one of these Polar Axis Shifts, perhaps even two or three of them, occurred within recorded historic times. This academic disagreement was partly reflected in what has become known as "The Velikovsky Affair", in which mainly Ivy League professors such as the late astronomer Carl Sagan of Cornell University and the controversial paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard University disputed the science of the theories of the late Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky of Princeton University.

As a longtime Velikovskian, I belong to the Velikovskian School and agree that a Polar Axis Shift did indeed occur in historic times, namely in the 16th Century BCE, as Dr. Velikovsky theorized in Worlds In Collision; and to wit, exactly in the year 1587 BCE. The North Pole shifted from a position in the North Atlantic Ocean to its current Arctic location, and the South Pole shifted from off the southern coast of Australia to the current Antarctica.

Thanks to THE POLAR PIVOTAL AXIS website page.

So, if a Polar Axis Shift did indeed occur in the year 1587BC. Did Planet X cause it? If so and Planet X orbits every 3600 years. 3600 - 1587 = 2013. Whoa! That means the next couple years could indeed be very interesting on planet Earth.

After studying this more, the 3600 number is not concrete. It could be off by plus or minus several years.

So considering how We the People know that our government lies. Why would it tell us about Planet X being in our solar system now (Jun 2015).



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