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IN AN AGE WHERE TECHNOLOGY has allowed us to expect instant reward and provides us with immediate solutions, humankind seems to have all the answers. Our confidence as a species is higher than ever before, and the knowledge of the universe we live in is expanding faster than most people can keep up with. We can compute and calculate the landing of a small probe on a planet 100 million miles away; we know what the atmosphere on Jupiter consists of ; we can regenerate new organs in our bodies, and genetic engineers can create new life in any shape or size they want to. There are, however, three fundamental questions that we have not been able to answer. Who are we? How did we get here? And, why are we here?

As we steadfastly march on the road to an unknown destiny, our ignorance has become our weakness and our arrogance has become a congenital disease threatening us with our own annihilation. In this book we will deal with the latest breakthroughs in science and technology, to reach back into the distant past in an attempt to unravel the extremely vague origins of humankind. It simply makes no sense at all that as advanced as we have become, we have no absolute answers dealing with our origins and ancestry. Why has humankind been so obsessed with gold? And why are slavery and gold the two common denominators that can be traced all the way back to the very dawn of humankind?

The global population is torn between hundreds of religions and cults, all claiming to have the answers. Any semisober person will realize in an instant that they cannot all be right. Right? And yet it is religious dogma that has held billions of people captive through preaching death and destruction , threatening punishment by the “almighty” to disobedient pilgrims, and promising reward and salvation to those who submit to blind faith.

The past fifty years have seen an explosion of new archaeological discoveries that have stunned scholars all over the world with its body of information. Over 500,000 clay tablets have been excavated and many of them have been deciphered. It is only in the past thirty years or so that the true meaning and relevance of the tablets has been identified by a handful of broad thinkers. What was originally believed to be myth or fantasy, mainly due to ignorance by so-called scholars, has turned out to be documented historic evidence so fantastic that it shakes the very essence of our existence.

I would like to take you on a journey of discovery, using the latest translations and revelations of the many tablets that speak about ancient events, long before a single word of the Bible was written. It is shocking to find that none of the stories of the book of Genesis are original, but rather watered-down versions of much older stories conveyed in great detail in ancient clay tablets. Our journey will weave through precious detailed information that was left behind by our ancient ancestors, probably never realizing that it would be treated with such suspicion.

The uncanny coincidences that link the many ancient civilizations by the same pantheon of “mythical gods” are too fantastic to be accidental. We now have irrefutable evidence that there were strange powers on Earth who ruled the early humans with an iron fist. They dispensed punishment and demanded absolute obedience from the primitive new species. We will uncover the slow and painful path the newly created human race had to travel and the crucial role played by more advanced deities who had ulterior motives for our existence. We will uncover the terrible truth that the human race was indeed created in the image of our maker, but the maker was not who we’ve been led to believe. We will unmask the god of the Bible and other major religions, showing the difference between God with a big “G” as opposed to god with a small “g.” The god who constantly displays humanlike behavior, the “god of vengeance” we know from the Bible, turns out to be a god with a small “g.” Some characters will be instantly recognizable, while others have been so distorted by latter translators that we will need a little polishing to identify them. Many more questions will be raised as we postulate new theories surrounding our origins, demystifying God, and allowing the reader to experience the much bigger picture of possibility.

With the help of science and the corroborative evidence from thousands of ancient clay tablets, we are now able to weave together the full story , which I like to refer to as the Great Human Puzzle. Why did it take thousands of years for the slave species to progress from their labor camps in southern Africa, to the point about 9,000 years ago, when a wave of sudden civilization spread around the world, from India, the Near East, Europe, and the Americas? This journey will also resolve the many archaeological dilemmas regarding the missing link, which is clearly outlined by our advanced ancestors.

We dispel the myth and the dogma that has kept humankind ignorant and fearful for far too long. The advances we have made in genetic engineering will help us understand that just because we can create life, it does not make us God. We dispel archaic myths that belong in the Dark Ages and provide clear thinking individuals with the information to reach new conclusions. I would like to share with every reader the same incredible sense of discovery that I personally experienced as I unravelled the utter rubbish that I was conditioned to believe through my formative years. As terrible as this new truth may sound, it will be the most liberating experience you will have.

Tellinger, Michael (2012-09-10). Slave Species of the Gods: The Secret History of the Anunnaki and Their Mission on Earth. Inner Traditions Bear & Company. Kindle Edition.



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