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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.











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Abe Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln 01
Declaration and Constitution - His Connection to the Founders

A quick look at key founding Fathers who were still alive when Lincoln was born and some that were still alive well into his 20s and belong. How Lincoln studied the founding period, persevered to serve in public office and really served to help further complete the ideas that were first articulated in the founding documents.

Abraham Lincoln 02
The Declaration - For all People, at All Times, Everywhere

Abraham Lincoln had a deep respect and understanding of the Declaration of Independence. This video takes a look at excerpts from 4 speeches over 7 years to get a deeper understanding of Lincoln and the Declaration as well.

Abraham Lincoln 03
The Declaration and Constitution - The Apple of Gold & Frame of Silver

A profound understanding of how the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are designed to work together. This video explores 3 paragraphs of personal writing that Lincoln had written just after being elected. He compares the Declaration to an Apple of Gold and the Constitution as a Frame of Silver.

Abraham Lincoln 04
Declaration and Constitution - Linking Principles and Structure

Abraham Lincoln saw that the Declaration and the Constitution had an indissoluble bond between them that could not be broken. Without one you would trend toward tyranny, without the other you trend toward anarchy. Key concepts for every generation. This video summarizes these concepts of Lincoln along with remarks from leading scholars.



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