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This website covers RC Car Racing; practically, theoretically, and "at the track protocol." And I race a Custom Works Sprint Car.

The goal of this website is to explain, in easy-to-understand terms, the basic car dynamics that take place while a car is in motion. You will grasp the main reasons for car handling and cornering power. You will come away with the understanding of the compromises used in your setup. More precisely, you will understand why tire loads (the key to handling and cornering power) change! Although there is no one best way, the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principal is a good foundation.

There are a lot of confusing strategies involved in winning RC Car races. I will separate the wheat from the chaff using print, picture and down-loadable programs.

Why We Race - a Poem - Cute but True.


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This picture shows the roll center (the red circle) of the front of a car. The higher the Roll Center; the less the car will roll. Generally, the front Roll Center should be lower than the rear Roll Center. See the Car Theory main topic for the full story.

Weight Jacking (which causes traction rolls) is just one of the elements of the car which must be considered while setting the roll center heights. When the side force on the roll center is high enough to lift the car off the ground; the car will traction roll.

Weight Jacking (which causes traction rolls) is just one of the elements of the car which must be considered while setting the roll center heights. When the side force on the roll center is high enough to lift the car off the ground; the car will traction roll.

Understand the Game

Know Car Theory, driver strategies and why each rule was made. Then figure out how to exploit the rule. This will give you a leg up on the competition. Does the phase "In the Spirit of the Rules" ring a bell? This means to follow the rule, but at the same time figure out how to get around it.

For example, Handsome Harry Gant won 4 races in a row in 1991, before NASCAR figured out how they where "NOT in the spirit of the rule." Not cheating however! The particular rule stated that you must use a standard live axle rear end. Someone in Harry's team figured out how to put toe-in in the live axle. Now there is a rule against toe-in at the rear of the car.

The rule Harry's team broke was really about toe-in, but it wasn't written correctly. Once his team figured out why the rule was in place, they did what they needed to do to go faster with out breaking the rule, but then NOT "In the Spirit of the Rule".


These are the very best gearing and suspension setup Tools free on the web. And NEW is the the Handing Math page; this makes car handling math easy. Just enter 18 items of data and Presto.

Also, use this website's "Search" (above left menu and has nothing to do with google) to find words or topics in this website.


Please contact me (marcj@cox.net) with any suggestions or topics you'd like covered.

My History

I raced these classes from 1986 to 1994.

  • Dirt Oval - Modified Sprint, Modified and Stock Buggy, and the old Custom Works Dominater.
  • Asphalt Oval - 1/12 Scale Pan Car, Modified Sprint, and Stock Buggy.
  • Off-road - enough to know that I was not interested.
  • Presently - sorting out the Slider for asphalt.

The Dirt Oval Modified Sprint was the most fun. I drove hundreds of miles to race it in AZ. There were races that only had Modified Sprints.

Lasik eye surgery ended my tour. Now, I am finally back at it; yes it took that long, two cornea transplants and a lot of eye contacts to shape the corneas. I'm retired now; so I have lots of time to race and do this website.

Pan Cars don't interest me, since their rear suspension is a departure from scaled down real cars. But they are included in this website; just because I'm not drawn to them does not mean they are not the fasted and most fun RC Cars.

Race Cars

I have and will have more Race Car reviews in the left menu of this major topic. Follow the Sub Menus for detailed information.

Four Wheel Drive

Four Wheel Drive cars introduce an interesting dilemma; in theory they will not work, while in practice they are awesome. Search for "Four Wheel Drive".

Closing Remarks

This is a very complicated sport. There are many facets of this sport and this website only touches on a few of them and does not go into detail on anything. There are hundreds of books written on these and many more subjects concerning this sport. Spending money is not the key to speed. It may help, but the bottom line is knowing what to do.

And for those of you that read the whole website for tricks or speed secrets. Ha! There are no tricks or speed secrets! This general knowledge and the right attitude are the Key to Speed. Having good equipment, adjusting it properly, and driving with the proper attitude makes a winning combination.


And some Humor

The old saying is; if you don't want to play with the BIG DOGS, stay on the porch.

Please continue perusing this website. These and many more ideas are discussed on this website. Contact marcj@cox.net with any questions/comments. And of course, visit my sponsor's websites. Thanks.