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Conservatives call the media Mockingbird because of the CIA's operation Mockingbird.




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Scenarios - KYMATICA Last: 03/08/2016

Also, I watched this about 5 years ago. I didn't have a clue what it was talking about. Now, I get about half of it. It goes through history pretty fast, so hang on. Oh, this is also information about the argument between changing our Consensus Reality or escaping from it, and becoming a Human.

This is an example from this video: "Money is said to be the root of all evil Yet it can not be evil because money is only a symbol. Symbols carry only the faith and spirit of the observer. This means that the symbol of paper money evokes and surfaces the evil intentions and inherent flaws of our false Ego. Money only exists because we agreed to accept it as valuable and to further illustrate earning incapacity for freedom we've given the control of our faith-based money to a private corporation instead of the federal government. And there is no law stating that we have to use Federal Reserve Notes as currency. We choose to because we fear the alternative; independence." --- Whoa! Think about that! Are we scared of our own shadows?

KYMATICA Full Length Movie HD

If the video does not play - Search for KYMATICA . It's has copyright problems in the USA. but someone always puts it up again. It is just over 120 minutes with very kool music in the background.

Or go to you favorite rent a movie.

The Collapse of Materialism

Philip Comella discusses his book The Collapse of Materialism Visions of Science, Dreams of God. Can human consciousness be explained by Darwin and materialist science? Does matter exist outside of the mind, with no rationale or direction, the universe created completely by chance? Since ancient Greece, materialists have held that there is no room for purpose or design. We exist in a random and unconscious universe that has evolved through natural selection. However, a very different view of the universe and its creation has co-existed with the materialist point of view. In this version, the universe is the creation of a powerful and purposeful mind, one that exists outside of matter and is, in fact, the creator of matter. For millennia, these two opposing viewpoints have clashed, often with catastrophic results.

In The Collapse of Materialism, Comella proposes a profound shift in the way that we look at the exchange of beliefs between these two domains. Envisioning the end of the mechanical scientific worldview as it is currently taught, the author believes that civilization may be at the beginning of a new epoch, a time of great spiritual awakening with humanity transcending to a higher truth, one that unifies the now colliding cultures of science and religion.

Philip Comella - The Collapse of Materialism

I love the thought at 56:00.