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We follow the Consensus Reality around us. We don't think for ourselves! The phase "Peer Pressure" comes to mind.

"They" create a Problem and wait for the Public (Consensus) to be Outraged, then and only then is a Solution proposed and implemented. But, of course, there was NO Problem to begin with and the Solution makes the perceived Problem worse. All leading to more and more CONTROL. We're are left holding the bag.

"They" are playing the Consensus Reality movie, while "They" hide the truth from you. Or you could say; Consensus Reality is Reality by Consensus, but that does not make it true. Thus, we live in a world of illusion made by "They".

The Truth is; you are a child of the Universe with untold powers and greatness (Paranormal Abilities). But "They" have managed to keep us in our little Dream Worlds, thinking that we are successful and happy.

Consensus Reality is What, THEY want you to think you know!

To Prove It

Try this; remove your education from the your arguments/points; then what do you have. Most discussions are based on your education/programming; Consensus Reality. Restating that, Consensus Reality is only what we have been programed to understand/know. Your discussion arguments/points only make sense to others with the same programming. We really do live in a world of Illusion.

What if you were educated at Harvard instead of your community college? Would that make a difference?

"Their" knowledge includes free energy, space travel, all the paranormal, etc. "Their" knowledge has been kept from us.

Another Point

You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts! No, we cannot say that, as the facts may have been tampered with. In fact, I know the facts have been tampered with, I just don't know, for sure, which ones.

An opinion or position reached by a group as a whole is a consensus.

Note that the conclusion of the group is not necessarily right or factual; just agreed to by the group.

And some moderators/facilitators of meeting Consensus groups will get "Their" agenda through the group by asking negative questions. By doing so anyone that disagrees looks like a fool, thus "They" get things passed that all do not really consent to.

Some topics like science should not be by Consensus, ever. Although, science is having a hard time deciding what is what; but what is what must be by fact.

Not only for the above reason, but because so many news sources are trying to change history, it is hard to keep track of what was. There are some lies "they" tell so often the lies become true.

Now going to the Next Level

the individual is unique, because he is he. He is unique because he has his own ideas, because he has his own desires, because he has his own power. That power belongs to no one else.

In particular, it doesnít belong to the State. The State will try, will always try to suggest that it is granting power to the individual, but this is a lie. Itís an illusion broadcast with ill-intent.

While everyone else is trying to manufacture connections to the group, under the banner of a false sense of community, the individual is going in the opposite direction.

Consensus reality is the reality of sacrifice. It is coagulating energy, form, content, substance that takes on amorphous shapes studded with slots into which people can fit themselves.

The independent individual thinks what he wants to think. Over time, he keeps graduating into new, more nearly unique levels of what he wants to think.

He rises above the group. He rises to his own thoughts.

There is no subject and no substance which is not infiltrated by consensus reality. Wherever you look, you will encounter it. The group is the basis of consensus reality, and the group pact extends everywhere. The group fears a sector where only individual thought can tread.

Read more about Consensus Reality here; The individual vs. the illusion of consensus reality, by Jon Rappoport

The article ends with this; Consensus reality is a cartoon that is trying to become as real as steel. What deconstructs the steel and exposes the cartoon? There is only one thing that can do that. Nothing and no one else is going to do that.

The individual does it.

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Consciousness doesn't grow from being told facts, it grows from the search for them!


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